Women entrepreneur thesis

Like a male entrepreneurs a women entrepreneur has many functions. They should explore the prospects of starting new enterprise; undertake risks, introduction of new innovations, coordination administration and control of business and providing effective leadership in all aspects of business. Push-Pull factors and Women in business Women in business are a recent phenomenon in India.

Women entrepreneur thesis

This study was carried out as the role of women entrepreneurs has gained significance in today's environment.

Women entrepreneur thesis

The present study is based on the women entrepreneurs in and around Trichy and Thanjavur. Women, who succeed as entrepreneurs are risk taking personalities. The women entrepreneurs have their own identity in the world of entrepreneurship.

Most of them are capable of fully identifying themselves in their new economic role in society. In this research, stratified sampling technique was used. A detailed questionnaire bringing out the various aspects of the study was first prepared and tested.

In this research, 60 successful women entrepreneurs were interviewed. The sample was selected from two towns, Trichy and Thanjavur.

"The Affluent Women Entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu: Motivational Factors" An Empirical Study

The sample selection was as under: The study has highlighted many factors that have motivated women entrepreneurs in starting an entrepreneurial career. Success has been seen mostly among the mid thirty and early forty age group.

The government schemes, incentives and subsidies have stimulated and provided support measures to women entrepreneurs in and around the city. In this research, one of the findings was that while a majority of women came from a family business as a core background and they were mostly married to business families.

Women entrepreneur thesis

The business environment seems to have prepared them mentally, thereby facilitating their entry into business. Help and guidance was also available within the family in case of any business problems.

Introduction Entrepreneurs play very important role in socio-economic welfare of the country. They identify the needs of the business, purchases the other factors of production and coordinates them for some productive purposes. They are the innovators, researchers and risk-takers of the company.

Due to the mixed economy in India, both public and private entrepreneurship exists here. Large scale sectors are under the public entrepreneurship. The middle and small scale sectors are under the private entrepreneurship. In order to develop entrepreneurship in this sector, Government of India has stepped towards the Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

An entrepreneur can be defined as one who initiates and establishes an economic activity or enterprise. Entrepreneurship thus refers to the general trend of setting up new enterprises in a society Begum, The International Labor Organization ILO,cited in Islam and Aktaruzzaman, defines an entrepreneur as a person with a set of characteristics that typically includes self-confidence, result-oriented, risk taking, leadership, originality and future-oriented.

Khanka referred to women entrepreneurs as those who innovate, imitate or adopt a business activity. Given that entrepreneurship is the set of activities performed by an entrepreneur, it could be argued that being an entrepreneur precedes entrepreneurship.

In any case, the entrepreneurial definitions described above highlight the aspects of risk-taking, innovating and resource organizing. The aim of the present study is to test the status of Women Entrepreneurs in India with reference to selective cities.

The study suggests a new role for women in our economic development. It also provides great potential of accelerating entrepreneurship movement by developing women entrepreneurship. The development of women has become an important issue in present day context.Female entrepreneurs in India are the women who contribute towards the economic development of the country by breaking the so called norms of the gender based society and surviving the hardships and trials to achieve success.

The Problems Faced By Woman Entrepreneurs Business Essay *kaja-net.com pinto **kaja-net.com PATHAN. Abstract. In the new era women are stepping out and are seen everywhere. WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS’ PERFORMANCE: MICROFINANCE FACTORS WITH MEDIATING EFFECT OF OPPORTUNITY AND MODERATING EFFECT OF ATTITUDE By ISIDORE EKPE Thesis Submitted to the Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business, Universiti Utara Entrepreneur .

Jan 06,  · Women Entrepreneurs NYC (WE NYC) is a first-of-its kind model in a major American city for empowering women through entrepreneurship. “The City wanted to make the most impact by addressing the. Women entrepreneur are further divided into three categories based on the areas of their engagement, the micro sphere, where female’s economic empowerment is affected by intra -familial associations.

A Women Entrepreneur's Guidance Cell set up to handle the various problems of women entrepreneurs all over the state. District Industries Centres and Single Window Agencies should make use of assisting women in their trade and business guidance.

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