Unhealthy foods are served on campus due to student preferences

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Unhealthy foods are served on campus due to student preferences

Unless students have a medical condition, they're not allowed to bring lunches from home.

Unhealthy foods are served on campus due to student preferences

That means they either eat school lunches or go without lunch. The principal says the rule is for their own good; she believes that the lunches that the school provides are healthier than what students bring from home.

But it's not a popular plan with the students who want to bring their own lunches, and critics say it shouldn't be up to the school to decide what kids eat. What are your thoughts on this? Carl Azuz, Anchor soundoff Responses Sarah most school lunches are frozen and they have to cook them. What if some student has a health problem?

And how is not packing your lunch not healthy? They probably won't eat the school meal but what they pack they will. April 17, at 7: Honestly, I don't like the school's food, at all. But that doesn't mean I eat unhealthy at lunch.

Isn't that pretty healthy?

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Especially compared to the school lunches in my school because they are usually just pizza which isn't the healthiest of all foods. I do not think that this is a good idea for the school because the school lunch is not necessarily healthier than what students may bring to lunch.

Some people just don't like school food, and they should be able to have an alternative. April 17, at 8: Even though most kids like them they are usually even healthier than school lunches. Also some kids just cant afford it. They would have to be lunchless every day. Some kids think school lunch is disgusting and refuse to eat it.

They should be able to have the option of packing their own lunches April 17, at 8: The decision should be up to the parents and the government has no right to ban home lunches. Plus, at home students can pack a healthier lunch because the sanitation will be better than that at a school.

April 17, at 9: If a kid does not like the school launches and choose not to eat, that is even more unhealthy then what they would bring for launch.

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I, myself, pack my own lunch just because I don't like my schools lunches, no offence. I also pack my own lunch because I know what I like.

I wouldn't want to go to school and figuring out that they are serving tacos. Then, what do I have? The prinicpal should allow the students to brong their own lunches no matter what. Since there are laws saying school lunches have to be healthy, they taste disgusting.

I think students should be allowed to have a lunch from home.Unhealthy food and snack options are accessible to students in vending machines, campus student stores, and convenience stores, as well as by going to fast food establishments with friends.

Discussions like this represent an opportunity for students to learn about healthy foods and snacks, such as those they can grow in a school or. Due to our unique school structure that separates scholars by gender and grade-span, Genesis Innovation Academy will establish an ongoing School Wellness Committee (SWC) that convenes to review 1) campus-level issues that address the needs of the collective community of boy and.

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However, not all schools implement the NSLP and not all students eat the healthier choices schools do provide.

Obesity and Other Weight Issues One major risk of unhealthy school lunches is a contribution to obesity and other weight problems in children across the kaja-net.comd: Jun 17, Jan 18,  · Determinants of eating behaviour in university students: a qualitative study using focus group discussions.

“Because here on campus (when living in a student residence) “I think that unhealthy foods are cheaper than healthy foods.

Just look at the ‘one dollar menus’ in the US; this is a big problem (regarding public. Foodservice Market to Rise due to Changing Food Preferences of Consumers Globally The market for food services is broadly segmented in terms of type of food offered, type of .

First, the survey identified each student participant's nationality, major, length of time at the university, preferred place on campus, and the activities they engaged in while there.

Participants also assessed their preferences of the physical attributes of these places such as the place's proximity to other buildings, its overall appearance.

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