Titubas diary

Parris, or an associate, later purchased her in Barbados when she was a teenager and brought her to Boston in Over a decade later, Tituba was one of the first women to be accused of witchcraft during the hysteria of

Titubas diary

Summary Analysis In a cell in the Salem prison a few months later, Sarah Good and Tituba think that the devil has come to take them to Barbados. But it's just Marshal Herrick, come to move them to a different cell. The hysteria has so overwhelmed Tituba and Sarah Good that they now believe their false confessions were real.

Active Themes Hathorne and Danforth enter. They wonder where Parris is and are troubled to learn from Herrick that he's with Hale, visiting those condemned to hang that morning, including Proctor and Rebecca Nurse. The judges' nervousness suggests the trials have made them uneasy: Active Themes Parris enters.

To Danforth and Hathorne's questions about Hale, he answers that Hale has returned to try to convince Titubas diary convicted of witchcraft to confess their crimes and save their lives.

Danforth is surprised and pleased. Danforth thinks Hale has seen the error of his ways. He remains blind, unaware of Hale's actual intentions. Active Themes After a moment's indecision, Parris reveals that Abigail robbed him of thirty-one pounds and then ran off with Mercy Lewis.

He thinks they left after hearing about a revolt against the witch trials in the nearby town of Andover.

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Parris fears a similar riot in Salem now that people with social influence, like Rebecca and Proctor, are scheduled to hang. He begs to postpone the hangings. Finally, here is some proof that Abigail is a liar. In the courts eyes, this proof should bring up the possibility that all of Abigail's accusations were lies.

In addition, the events in Andover show that the hysteria is waning. Could the injustice be overturned? Danforth refuses to postpone the executions.

He does say, however, that he's willing to work until dawn to convince one of the convicted to confess, since a confession would make those who don't confess look like liars.

Because Danforth believes his decisions reflect God's will, he can't change them. His rigid ideology makes him vulnerable to hysteria. Active Themes Danforth's position doesn't satisfy Parris.

He's received threats regarding his part in the trials and fears for his safety. As usual, Parris cares most about his own well-being. Active Themes Hale enters, demanding pardons for the convicted.

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Danforth says 12 others have already been hanged for the same charge; pardons for the remaining convicts would therefore be unjust and crack the voice of God's law with "whimpering. Danforth won't postpone the hangings because he won't allow himself, his government, or his God, to look weak.

Ideology and reputation are more important to him than standing up to hysteria or saving innocent lives. Active Themes Danforth does wonder, however, if they might be able to get Proctor to confess, since Elizabeth is now well along in her pregnancy. Hale replies bitterly that he came to convince Christians to lie and confess to crimes they did not commit in order to save their lives.

Having lost faith in the church after seeing innocents condemned, Hale advises people to lie to save their own lives. In other words, he's advising people to sacrifice their integrity, by lying, to save themselves. Active Themes Elizabeth enters. Hale tells her he will consider himself Proctor's murderer if Proctor is hanged.

Hale begs Elizabeth to convince Proctor to lie, to give a false confession, in order to save himself. He says that life is God's great gift, and no belief or religion should be followed if it harms life. Danforth and Hathorne disagree.Judge Danforth from Arthur Miller's The Crucible is the epitome of the cranky, domineering old man.

As a judge sent from Boston to hear the Salem. Salem Witch Trials in History and Literature An Undergraduate Course, University of Virginia Spring Semester In late February of , Reverend Samuel Parris called in a doctor to examine his nine-year-old daughter, Betty, and eleven-year-old niece, Abigail Williams-both of whom were suffering from spontaneous fits.

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Titubas diary

He came to see me! Soon he can have me. Tituba has confessed to witchcraft and names are already being mentioned. If I can involve Elizabeth Proctor. Crucible Diary Project Essay Sample.

I awoke today with the light streaming into my room and hearing the birds chirping in the distance. As I regained my conscience, I smelled the mold and felt damp room conditions all around me that imprisoned me. She had told me that her dancing with Tituba in the forest was not witchcraft and she was.

What's more, Tituba testified that there was a conspiracy of witches at work in Salem. March 1 Magistrates John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin examined Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborne in the meeting house in Salem Village.

Bridget Bishop was hanged in Salem, the first official execution of the Salem witch trials. Bridget Bishop "I am no.

I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem is the English translation of Condé's novel entitled Moi, Tituba, sorcière Noire de Salem.

The original translation appeared in hardcover in ; the paperback edition appeared in

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