Threat to india or economic need of china

Pakistan occupied Kashmir POK. China-Pakistan relations have always been a matter of concern for India, however due to the improved involvement of China in POK the matter has worsened additionally. This prompted views among many Indian armed service and political leaders and journalists that Islamabad is normally handing over the de-facto control of the strategic Gilgit-Baltistan area of POK to China. China has got been the largest supplier of military equipment to Pakistan, a few of which is made available to Kashmiri militants.

Threat to india or economic need of china

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Inventories of iron ore, coal and cotton are bulging at ports across the country and state granaries are overflowing. China initiated 89 food safety and animal and plant health measures inup from just 25 in the preceding year, according to World Trade Organisation data. The number of technical barriers to trade measures introduced also rose to 79 infrom 27 in The move comes as Beijing has increased its use of a 6-year-old anti-monopoly law to launch a flurry of investigations targeting foreign companies, including Microsoft and Volkswagen AG, sparking concerns it is seeking to support domestic firms.

But veteran coal traders point to Indonesia, warning that Beijing still has many ways to keep foreign supplies at bay. In recent months, Chinese customs have stepped up checks on Indonesian coal and held up shipments, traders said, even though China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations already have an FTA.


Importers need to provide fresh certification documents when such issues arise, leading to delays of more than a month. Imports of Indonesian lignite have been falling since the second quarter, with September arrivals down nearly a quarter from April. The government has said that controls on coal were necessary to tackle pollution.

What was at first perceived as a one-off issue, because similar shipments had gone through in the past, has become a multi-billion dollar trade disruption that has caused over 1.The fiery populist ran on an anti-free-trade platform that blamed China and Mexico, in addition to "terrible deals," for America's economic and employment troubles.

India has strong reservations over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a flagship project of the connectivity initiative that is expected to figure prominently in the two-day meet starting in.

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However, these are expensive, and so the plans may need to be shelved until Pakistan’s fifth-generation fighter program (likely a development of China’s J) matures. India is the world's fourth-largest produced $ trillion in goods and services in But it has a long way to go to beat the top three: China, with a production worth $ trillion; the European Union, with $ trillion; and the United States, with $ trillion.

Jan 03,  · China is an economic threat to India, they cover the same markets, and china can keep lowering prices below India. The fact of the matter is, china is a bit better off technologically, and has a higher population than India.

India has belatedly taken some steps to strategically counter China but much more needs to be done at a rapid clip.

Threat to india or economic need of china

While IAF is now progressively basing SukhoiMKI fighters in the north-east.

India needs to learn that economic development comes before a naval buildup - Global Times