The epic heroes of the mexican american war in the alamo a film by john wayne

Says historian Stephen L. In this leafy urban neighborhood, many of them,whether from Berlin or Tokyo or Dime Box, Texas, appear lost.

The epic heroes of the mexican american war in the alamo a film by john wayne

Plot[ edit ] The film depicts the Battle of the Alamo and the events leading up to it. Sam Houston leads the forces fighting for Texas independence and needs time to build an army. The opposing Mexican forces, led by General Santa Anna, are numerically stronger and also better armed and trained.

The epic heroes of the mexican american war in the alamo a film by john wayne

Nevertheless, the Texans have spirit and morale remains generally high. Jim Bowie comes with reinforcements and the defenders dig in. Meanwhile, Davy Crockett arrives with a group of Tennesseeans. Santa Anna's armies arrive and surround the fort. Jim Bowie goes to Santa Anna under the peace flag, so Travis, angered by Jim Bowie, shoots a cannon at the armies, saying he will negotiate peace from a position of power only.

In a nighttime raid, the Texans sabotage the Mexicans' biggest cannon. The Texans maintain high hopes as they are told a strong force led by Colonel James Fannin is on its way to break the siege.

Crockett, however, sensing an imminent attack, sends one of his younger men, Smitty, to ask Houston for help. Crockett knows this will perhaps save Smitty's life. The Mexicans frontally attack the Alamo. The defenders hold out and inflict heavy losses on the Mexicans, although the Texans' own losses are not insignificant.

Bowie sustains a leg wound. Morale drops when Travis informs his men that Fannin's reinforcements have been ambushed, and slaughtered by the Mexicans. Travis chooses to stay with his command and defend the Alamo, but he gives the other defenders the option of leaving.

Crockett, Bowie and their men prepare to leave, but an inspired tribute by Travis convinces them to stay and fight to the end. The noncombatants, including most of the women and children, leave the Alamo. On the thirteenth day of the siege, Santa Anna's artillery bombards the Alamo and kills or wounds several Texans.

The entire Mexican army sweeps forward, attacking on all sides. The defenders kill dozens of charging Mexicans, but the attack is overwhelming. The Mexicans blast a hole in the Alamo wall and soldiers swarm through. Travis tries to rally the men but is shot and killed.American Revolutionary War American Civil War Mexican american war American History British History Texas Revolution The Alamo Republic of Texas Texas Pride Forward A day before the final attack, one of the defenders scans the horizon with a spyglass - looking .

Oct 08,  · The Mexican–American War, also known as the Mexican War and in Mexico the American intervention in Mexico, was an armed conflict between the United States of America and the United Mexican States from to Mar 09,  · 10 Amazing Stories About John Wayne’s Epic Failure.

The Alamo | film by Wayne [] | The increasingly dictatorial policies, including the revocation of the Constitution of in earlyincited many federalists to revolt. These people were accustomed to a federalist government and to extensive individual rights, and they were quite vocal in their displeasure at Mexico's shift towards centralism.
Dietrich and the border At times long-winded and stilted? Touching, poignant and inspiring?

Nolan Moore March 9, Share Stumble. they sent the Duke a rather intimidating message. If Wayne filmed The Alamo in Mexico, they’d make sure that no Lone Star institution invested in his project.

Even worse, they guaranteed that the film would never play in . John Wayne's directorial tribute to the struggle for "The Alamo" symbolized the spirit of resistance of a small group of determined fighters for Texan independence from Mexico.

Technically, the Alamo was part of the Texas Revolution, not the Mexican-American war, and there are no good Alamo movies anyway. This lack of competition means that One Man's Hero wins the category. John Wayne and Richard Widmark star in this historical film spectacular about the attack by Mexican troops on the Alamo.

Starring: John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey Heroes of the Alamo Hondo The Spoilers () but still a great film with a great cast. John Wayne is at his best in playing the role of Davy Crockett.

The epic heroes of the mexican american war in the alamo a film by john wayne


The Alamo | film by Wayne [] |