Survival from abuse and forced prostitution as illustrated in the tale of two survivors

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Survival from abuse and forced prostitution as illustrated in the tale of two survivors

After exchanging numbers, this man called at night while my unknowing parents watched television in the living room. We talked more than once. Convincing me to runaway with him was not an overnight accomplishment.

He took his time. He got to know me. He analyzed my troubles, and he asked me my dreams. I wanted to be a s songwriter. I wanted to meet Julia Roberts.

The year was I was on summer break from eighth grade middle school, and my freshman year of high school loomed in the distance like an angry bull. I was severely depressed. And as the pressures of my fourteen-year-old-world boiled to the surface, I fled.

I laced up my size-five sneakers, and I ran toward opportunity, toward possibility, and toward freedom. In reality, I ran right in the inexorable clutches of a sex trafficking ring. Within hours of running away with what turned out to be a manipulative and menacing pimp, I was coerced into working Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City, NJ until dawn the next day.

The following night an officer on the street recognized me as being underage and arrested me.

Survival from abuse and forced prostitution as illustrated in the tale of two survivors

Although I was soon recognized to be a victim, the specialized aftercare needed for a trafficking victim did not yet exist. The journey toward healing was a long and bumpy road, indeed.

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Twenty years ago, there were no anti-trafficking laws in place. This pimp, who raped and lured a child into prostitution, served only days in jail. Two additional traffickers were arrested; however, one a woman posted bail and fled. She is still considered a fugitive in the state of New Jersey.

Today, I advocate for stronger anti-trafficking laws and greater protection for survivors of all forms of human trafficking.

I spent the first 12 years of my life in Northern Virginia. When I was only 10 years old, family members abused me. Before the abuse I was a pretty normal little girl: I loved to read, collect stamps, draw and I was a member of the Barbie fan club.

Unfortunately, after I was abused, I became a different little girl. No one helped me or validated the abuse I had suffered, so part of me went into hiding and I became depressed. When I ran away, I was a walking target for traffickers and predators who look for damaged children: I had been abused, I was depressed and was in desperate need of help.

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Surprisingly it was a couple — a man and a woman — who found me on the streets of Washington D. They took me off of the streets where I was hungry and alone and brought me into their home where they fed me and seemed to care for me. That is, until they initiated me into the world of trafficking.

They used me for a few months until they no longer needed me and then sold me to another trafficker. Soon after buying me, Moses took me to New York City where he trafficked me for 8 years. To ease my pain, I became addicted to drugs. This habit became very expensive and I was no longer a valuable commodity to my trafficker, so he released me into New York.

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It was terrible; I was addicted and alone in the city. Thankfully, at a methadone clinic where I had sought treatment, I met a woman named Anita who helped me to find my sister who had apparently been living in the nearby city of Philadelphia and that Christmas, she helped me reunite with my family.

After a very difficult time detoxing off of methadone I started to slowly get my life back. I lived in Washington State, Mississippi and eventually came back to Virginia where I got married and tried to have a baby.

Soon after I starting trying to have a baby, I found out that because of all the trauma I had endured on the streets, I was infertile.

Somehow, I think it was a miracle; I was able to have treatments and can happily say that I was able to have a daughter.The son of two Holocaust survivors struggles to become his own person after his marriage falls apart.

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Find out how their friendship flourishes as the years pass by and the girls become women. 8. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page.

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