Short story formula writing and structures

Sometimes the formula isn't there, but just perceived by the general public.

Short story formula writing and structures

March 20, Back in I introduced my 6-Step formula for writing a short short. I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect the formula for those who may have missed it.

This formula also works for writing other formats of a story such as short stories and even the novella. A short short is a short story that usually contains between - words.

Experienced writers can spit before breakfast. However, an experienced writer also knows that writing the short short can be more difficult than writing a full length novel. The brevity of the story constricts the wordsmith, depriving him of developing character, plot and setting, all of which he can develop fully in a short story, a novella or a full-length novel.

Every line and paragraph of the short short must be significant to carry the story forward with rapidity and terseness. Like a prize fighter, the author of the short short attempts to score points with each swing of the pen. To accomplish this task, it is vitally important that you plan your short short well, from start to finish, long before you begin a first draft.

There is no wiggle room, no chance to elaborate and not a word to waste. To help with my writing, I developed a six-step formula to guide my pen from beginning to end of the short short. I hope that you will find it useful, as well.

Plan your story well, dividing it into three parts - beginning, middle and end. Write the end of your story first. Knowing where and how your story is going to wind up will keep the beginning and middle parts in line. This will insure that you do not veer off your story.

In the short short you must keep on track. When writing the beginning of your story use the Plunge Opening. This means that you must leap straight into the problem that confronts your main character.

Now, with the beginning and the end written, the middle of your story will practically write itself. Readers want to sympathize with your main character and need to understand the motivation behind the action your main character takes. It is therefore wise to focus your few precious words on characterization rather than on setting.

Make certain your characters are consistent. Never introduce an unknown character who will suddenly come out of the blue to save the day.

Use strong dialogue to move the story along. Instead, have her scream at someone. Finally, write a story that is worth the read. A surprise ending is ideal, and most sought-after short shorts are those with surprise endings - something with a twist.Communication, in General.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. — George Bernard Shaw. If you cannot - in the long run - tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthless.

She lists four different basic structures you could use when putting together a short story or novella, and you might find them useful in your writing. Nelson S.

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Bond was a contemporary of Lester Dent, and wrote down his own Pulp Story Formula for writing short stories for Writer’s Digest in The inverted pyramid is the model for news writing.

It simply means that the heaviest or most important information should be at the top – the beginning – of your story, and the least important information should go at the bottom. Literature: Literature, a body of written works. The name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution.

It may be classified according to a variety of systems, including language and genre. The Stories of Eva Luna Isabel Allende.

short story formula writing and structures

Chilean short story writer, novelist, and memoirist. The following entry presents criticism of Allende's short story collection Cuentos de Eva Luna (The. About the Author MICHAEL HAUGE works with people who want to change more lives, and make more money, by telling compelling stories.

He is one of Hollywood’s top script consultants and story experts, and he has consulted on projects starring (among many others) Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon.

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