Sassy a well rounded person leading a very complex life

Getty Images "Make the most of yourself I'm an average guy trying to become better in both my work and home life. I'll never be perfect, but it doesn't mean I won't try.

Sassy a well rounded person leading a very complex life

Like in case of many chronically ill patients who normally become ill at least in their late 30s or above, have complex overlapping diagnoses that involve pain and fatigue.

The guidelines to adopt for anybody in these testing times is to keep building a positive life despite an illness which can sometimes work miracles not only giving hope to the diseased but even in healing the disease thoroughly due to the renewed hope that the positivity of an individual gives.

But there are some guidelines for which the brief descriptions for each of them can help a chronically ill person come to better terms with life.

Some of these prescriptions perfectly fit not only the ill ones but for anybody who wants to have a healthy and a happy living.

Self-care is true care for others! This only will enable them to care for others. It is quite important in the case of women who have just become mothers where they sacrifice all their needs to attend the baby first.

Sassy a well rounded person leading a very complex life

Never ever give up! It is constantly up to the patient to have as much hope and positivity as they can in those critical times with a determination to access comprehensive and humane care so as to receive the benefits that they are entitled to.

Life has no guarantees! Be adaptable to changes — While managing the health needs, one can utilize and get immensely benefited from drug therapies, surgery, dietary changes, physical therapy, as well as acupuncture, exercise coaching, massage therapy, herbal supplements, homeopathy, self-imposed daily rest and more.

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Not only these, one must constantly monitor their health condition in the due course of time and must adapt to any sort of new changes as per their changing health symptoms and conditions. Being friends with fatigue — As a chronically ill patient rests on the bed, not just hours but several days, it is easy to collapse while feeling a lot more fatigue every time one collapses.

The proactive habit that prevents the complete collapse and helps in preventing to wear anyone out is to learn to embrace the bed rest time and fight the fatigue by cherishing the resting period with adequate food, drink, and nice sleep.

Step out of the box — If life has to feel full in the times of lull, at least occasionally one needs to up their ante and step out of their little box or the comfort zones that one usually resorts to particularly in times of sickness abstaining from anything that can actually rev up the mind, body, and spirit.

Activities like traveling, volunteering or learning something brand new will help one to feel the full aliveness of life as they get to step out and discover more about themselves. Keep an eye for silver linings — All life experiences are invaluable, including the ones that make us go through a rough phase in life.

Being sick need not necessarily make anyone miserable for life if one can appreciate the silver lining behind the dark clouds and teach themselves to be more kind, sympathetic, erasing boundaries and limitations, and appreciating the beauty in the present moment. Get more real with life — People who are ill can save themselves mountains of stress if they start to get more real with life.

Be still, live in the moment! Life smiles at those who learn to take anything that comes to them with absolute grace and ease that can dispel any and many of the issues hounding their health and well being. This entry was posted in CancerLifestyleStress Management.

Mukta Agarwal is a qualified Clinical Dietitian, Nutritionist and a Certified Diabetic Educator with specialization in diabetes and cardiac care. She has more than 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry.

Her belief in the fact that good health is for everyone is one of the highlights of her writing.The Inc. Life 15 Ways to Become a Better Person. but you very well could make a difference in your neck of the woods.

and what their lives are like can make you a more well-rounded. Deb is a go-getter in life. She is a professional counselor highly trained in post-partum issues, trauma, depression and anxiety.

She is one of the most experienced and well-rounded therapists within our .

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life balance means different things to different people. For many people life balance equates simply to personal happiness. For others life balance is far more complex. Life balance also depends on your situation - and your age or life stage. Life balance is expressed in many different ways, for example: Work-Life balance.

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