Media and language

In its sessions and workshops, the conference will examine in detail the various developments, innovations and changes that are setting the framework for the future of the audiovisual media industry and the role of languages in it. We are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, an age in which the physical, digital and biological worlds are increasingly interlinked by new technologies.

Media and language

Media and language

A while later we Media and language Kurdish media and their language as a example and how the mass media have influence on changing the language and developing it.

A language is, according to Ferdinand de Saussure 1, a sign system of which the main function is communication among people.

The main way that we can communicate with each other as a human been is through language, and we have opportunity to exchange information and thoughtvision, belief and perspective via language, also we Express our feeling if we be happysadangryfear by using hundred of expression that we all understand it even if it will be verbal or nonverbal communication.

Languages consist of tens of thousands of signs, which are combinations of form and meaning. Media as a part of communication they need language to describe the meaning, so we need word and language cod, verbal and nonverbal communication to reach audience, we need text and writing by specific language for making news on magazine, newspaper.

TV and online media, so the relation between median and language is very strong which some time make as think that it's almost the same, or its two different things that cannot be separated, we cannot construct any interpretation if we don't use language in media.

Spoken language gives us the ability to communicate in an effective manner and express the direct meaning we intend.

Media and language

We have more flexibility in our range of communication and while it is possible to communicate via facial expressions and gestures, we have evolved into complex beings that have the ability to vocally express ourselves Monica.

As we monition it before language is sign system and code that we learned and it became a tools between people to communicate and made word, sentence, paragraph which it sometime use in the media also. There is a great variety in the form and style of media texts, so the codes used to construct meaning are varied and frequently depend upon the form of the media text.

The relation between media and language is not just using each other, but they have influence on each one, because most of the time the language that is use on media is more formal that these language that use on a street and also its different from text book or academic usage.

If we consider social media as a new media which is going viral today, they also have impact on language and bring a lot of new word and idiom that wasn't exist before. One of the main issue that is consider now in Kurdish media and their language is choosing a standard language which is still not exist and for example the Kurdish television media use two different dialect which is Sorani and Kurmanji dialect, and most of linguistic see that a problem for the language because we must have one standard one and its role of the media to help for establishing these language.

There are also a lot of criticize about unorganized use for these language in the media, because it make different from one to other by using the term and giving meaning for the same thing on the language which is make establishing standard language more harder stran The media organization cannot communicate and gave the meaning for their view without using language and their code, But also media play a vital role for changing and developing the language.

As we show it in Kurdistan regional of Iraq, using language in the media make kurdish language more stronger and more develop and expand, But also can be having a bad effect if we don't treat with their influence upon each other more wisely.

In the contact we see how media bring a new word and expression to the language and if the media organization made any mistake upon the language it will reflect the usage of the language generally, and that why relation between them is strong and important.

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Under the overall theme 'THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION', Languages & The Media will gather broadcasters, researchers, language practitioners, translators, interpreters and software. Media Language What is a media text? You will be used to associating the word ‘text’ with something written or printed.

In Media Studies. Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum. Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum. Media language is the way in which the meaning of a media text is conveyed to the audience.

One of the ways Media Language works is to convey meaning through signs and symbols suggested by the way. International Exchange alumni website--a place where past and present U.S. government-sponsored exchange program participants find tools to advance their communities and our world.

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