Film review alice in wonderland

Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland. Like most of Burton's works, this fantasy is bizarre and even a bit zany. Here, Burton uses a combination of live-action, motion-capture technology and computer-generated imagery to bring Carroll's characters to life, while adding some more modernist and peculiar touches to the material. Also, it should be mentioned that there is some upsetting imagery and content, which begs the question of whether the movie should have gotten a PG rating from the MPAA, rather than the supposedly more family-friendly PG rating.

Film review alice in wonderland

Full of offbeat characters like a cryptic cat that vanishes except for his smile, a hookah-pipe smoking caterpillar, an insane milliner with a tea fetish and a maniacal monarch who is execution-obsessed, the tale hardly appears to provide the sorts of ingredients that typically delight children.

In this telling, young Alice voice of Kathryn Beaumont finds her mind drifting instead of closely conforming to a history lesson being read to her by an older sister.

Bored by the dates and details of the dreary lecture, she imagines a world free of rules, where nonsense reigns. But her daydreams are interrupted by a White Rabbit voice of Bill Thompson with a large pocket watch who is saying something about being late.

Iconic figures such as the twins Tweedledee and Tweedledum voice of J.

Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

As Alice wanders through Wonderland, her encounters become increasingly strange and hostile. Then, after an emotional scene where she confesses to being thoroughly lost and alone, she is directed to look for the way home by consulting the queen of the land. It celebrates its 60th anniversary in Theatrical release July 28, Updated July 17, About author Donna Gustafson has been involved with her husband Rod's work since the beginning.

Handling many of the behind-the-scenes tasks, she also creates preview pages for up-coming movies, acts as managing editor and occasionally writes reviews. A young girl finds herself in difficult and perilous situations throughout the movie.

These include shrinking, growing, falling, near-drowning, being lost, as well as being threatened verbally and physically. Slapstick violence and property damage are depicted.

Movie Review: “Alice in Wonderland”

A walrus befriends baby oysters so he can eat them. A character threatens to execute others for minor offences. An unjust trial is held and a character is forced to run for her life.

A buxom woman adjusts her bra, and her underwear is briefly seen. Verbal threats are uttered. Magic food causes characters to grow or shrink.

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Various characters use a pipe, cigar, and hookah-pipe the exhaled smoke from one of them makes a child cough. The DVD and Blu-ray contain an anti-smoking disclaimer that runs before the movie begins.

Film review alice in wonderland

A child expresses deep concern when she is lost and fears she will never find her way home. Strange looking creatures and nightmarish sequences may frighten young viewers.

He in turn asks her where she wants to go. How is his answer a good metaphor for life?

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Why is having a goal an important part of achieving success? Here are some details… Home Video Notes: Careful, or someone could lose their head. Alice and the Doorknob Kathryn Beaumont provides an introduction to this newly discovered reference footage of Alice talking to the doorknob - Pencil Test: Ed Wynn, who can be heard as the Mad Hatter in this film, plays a similar character hosting another hilarious tea party in the live-action movie Mary Poppins.It’s the right move, the only way a movie like this ever really could have worked, and because of it, work this Alice in Wonderland does.

Burton’s Alice is more of a sequel to, than a retelling. Review: Alice in Wonderland Share Tweet Being one of the most unique visual film artists of our time I find it a little perplexing that Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland feels remarkably familiar.

It was a match made in film heaven: visionary writer-director Tim Burton (who’s responsible for some of the most aesthetically innovative films of recent decades) taking charge of an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic fairytale Alice in Wonderland.

Mar 03,  · Disney presents a film directed by Tim Burton. Written by Linda Woolverton, based on the books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

Running time: minutes.

Film review alice in wonderland

Rated PG (for fantasy action/violence involving scary images and situations, and a 3/5. Nov 01,  · A&E > Movies Review: Disney ‘Nutcracker’ movie is like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ meets Cirque du Soleil. UPDATED: Thu., Nov. 1, , p.m.

Mackenzie Foy is . Follows the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, with a twist. It was a very good movie, however, some parts were well, not as good as others. I think that many may like this movie.

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