Euripides suicide not a rational choice

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Euripides suicide not a rational choice

Euripides suicide not a rational choice

It was something I had remembered seeing a long time ago. It just stayed with me. But this must be correct. It makes perfect sense that their own venom would have no effect on them.


Thanks for the info. Otherwise he is at least not rational if not insane. And choosing death instead of continuation is only rational if the person believes in better afterlife. I'm not aware of a religion that does not forbid suicide, thus closing this door.

Sure there are some suicidal cults, but I don't think the people willing to listen and believe them could be considered rational. And rational people that are not religious either do not believe in afterlife or do not know if the afterlife will be better place to be. So, a happy, rational person do not really have that choice.

I originally began this thread in the philosophy section.

Is Suicide Moral? No, The Age of Individual Freedom Got This Wrong

I meant for it to be a philosophical exercise. But the mods moved it here. As one poster noted, it's natural selection that programs us to stay alive. And that just maybe the case. But take away the consequences of an afterlife, or a better place, or eternal damnation.

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Think of it as a plain choice. What I found interesting is that a very minuscule amount of humans choose death.

And it's practically unheard of among all other species. Common logic tells us that the happy, rational person will continuously choose life.

But I still think that it's amazing that that person will never choose suicide. So far as we know. There may have been some human or animal in the entire history of the earth who voluntary chose suicide--just for the sake of choosing it.lights the choice of the individual to take his or her own life, and the problem thus fits within a model of individual preference, if not rational choice.

6 Suicide, no less than martyrdom, is a socio-cultural. Suicide Is Not a Rational Act by Bill Brenner on August 15, As this week has gone on, we’ve seen discussion continue about suicide and depression as more .

USEFUL LINKS Melancholic depressionor social causes. Either way, there is a reason behind suicidal thoughts, and a rational decision about it is not likely incurable disease aside.
Report Abuse Those in favor of suicide as a personal choice reject the thought that suicide is always or usually irrational, but is instead a solution to real problems; a line of last resort that can legitimately be taken when the alternative is considered worse. They believe that no being should be made to suffer unnecessarily, and suicide provides an escape from suffering.

The Bacchae study guide contains a biography of Euripides, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Mar 09,  · I would say that suicide was not the rational choice in her case.

But it isn't really to be expected that a 16 year old, particularly an abused 16 year old, would have been able to think clearly about her options. Aug 31,  · Is suicide by older adults ever a rational choice? It’s a topic many older people discuss among themselves, quietly or loudly — and one that physicians increasingly encounter, too.

Yet most have scant training or experience in how to respond, said Dr.

Suicide robs you of a better future

Meera Balasubramaniam, a geriatric psychiatrist at the New York University School of Medicine. A person is not going to commit suicide unless persuaded that the benefits of suicide outweigh the benefits of continued living.

To a certain extent, this position isn't purely rational; rather, it is also informed by the biologically hard-wired self-preservation instinct.

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