Dang it waverly

The three siblings train to win the family wizard competition, giving one of the three siblings full wizard powers, leaving the other two as mortals. The Russo siblings in the series finale, about to start round three of the wizard competition.

Dang it waverly

Doc and Wynonna are back at it, reconciled, making out, making it work If the nookie was good before Doc turned vampire, imagine what it's like NOW. At least wait until they're fully clothed! Bulshar arrives with a crew of goons dressed up in Medieval getups, hypnotizes the lovers, and takes them out to the middle of the forest.

It's not budging, and they get called away before the jeweler can make another attempt. Either way, he's way too intrigued by this ring to be innocent.

And back with demon 1, Wynonna is able to resist Bulshar's spells, so he's got to kick it up a notch. Once in the middle of the forest, Dang it waverly blows some feathers onto Doc and Wynonna, knocking them both out.

When Wynonna wakes up, she's in Doc's saloon, alone, in some sort of time-loop. Every move she makes is a test, and she is really good at failing them. But don't worry, she's not dead: Waverly and Haught get called to Mercedes' house — currently the Contessa's crib — and find that She's had some facial reconstruction done, and she's returned to pick up the money from her personal safe.

And where is Doc while Wynonna repeats this sick charade, you ask?

See a Problem?

Why, he's underneath the floorboards! Every second that Wynonna doesn't find him is another layer of dirt on his face.

That demon jeweler from before — named Derek, of course — arrives at Mercedes's place to grab that ring. He wants to give it to Bulshar. But Waverly summons the power of the ring to take the demon down, surprising everyone, most of all herself.

Meanwhile, as Wynonna toils away in what she thinks is a video-game like challenge, Bulshar's actually got her tied up against a tree, where she will have to witness him bringing the world to an end.

He tells her that he declined Bulshar's attempt to strike a deal with him: Wynonna is heartened to hear this, and breaks out of the house.

And Jeremy has been doing some scans of the forest, with Robin's help, and may have picked up on Bulshar's He calls in some help from Waverly and Nicole. One of the stages of her Groundhog's Day adventure, Wynonna has a run-in with Bobo in the barn.

She tries to kill him, she starts over. She tries again, and gets axed. There seems to be no way out of this. Waverly, Nicole and Jeremy track down Bobo, who was similarly bewitched, and wake him up. They wake him up first from the dreamworld, then in the world-world.

Wynonna suffers through another series of failures before she finds Doc under the floorboards, and yanks him up. He's a little dirty, but no matter. Wynonna and Doc get up, and approach a door that has mysteriously appeared in the yard. Wynonna finds Bulshar guarding the door, and uses Peacemaker to make him disappear, clearing the way for their passage through.

It was just a trick! Doc is still buried alive, and Wynonna isn't any closer to finding him!My Babysitter's a Vampire is a TV movie and then later a TV series developed for Canadian television that was later brought to the Disney Channel.

Dang it waverly

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Cast reunion alert! Alex and Justin Russo — er, Selena Gomez and David Henrie — hung out on the Fourth of July, and we could practically hear the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song playing.

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