Common problems in jollibee corporation

History[ edit ] San Miguel's old Manila brewery. He was awarded the grant for a period of twenty years.

Common problems in jollibee corporation

Jollibee Philippines is one of the most popular philippine franchise. Originally opened as a Magnolia Ice Cream parlor at Cubao inthe name was originally called Jolibe. Inthe business focus shifted from ice cream to hamburgers.

Jollibee studies showed a much larger market was waiting to get tapped.

Personal View About Jollibee’s Taste

Developed by a management consultant named, Manuel C. Later Tony Tony made Manny Lumpa in charge of developing the franchise. The stores were re-designed, the service transformed into a full self-service, fast food operation with drive thrus.

The first headquarters was located on Main St. Lumba developed a long-term marketing strategy, listing up a number of consumer promotions and traffic building schemes while maintaining internal strengths required by Tony Tan.

Oh and if you thought that Jollibee was the only fast food chain operated by this coporation, boy are you in for a surprise. To me, it seems like JFC owns a majority stake in all of the Filipino fast food niches.

Do you ever eat at Chow King? JFC also bought out the popular fast food pizza restaurant known as Greenwich Pizza. Another Chinese restaurant chain named Hongzhuangyuan was acquired on September 21, I sure was surpised when I learned about all those acquisitions.

Jollibee Philippines Organizational Structure Success in any industry is acheived by a variety of factors, amount of capital, market segment targeting, values held by company founders and the type of people who are hired has a big impact as well.

Still, something that many companies lack to take them to the next level is the organizational structure that allows the right people to be in the right place. First you gotta have the right people on the bus.

Common problems in jollibee corporation

Only then do you worry about where the bus is going. I believe that Jollibee had the same idea when they introduced a host of changes to their business beginning in These changes were mostly focused on creating more structure and taking advantage of more resources.

First of all, they hired Tony Kitchner, the first outsider vice-president to handle their international operations. This was a key move to separate Jollibee International from Jollibee Philippines. They also instituted a dress code change as well as began to recruit from outside.


The Jollibee Philippines Mascot I honestly wonder what goes through the heads of fast-food chain management and founders when deciding what their mascot should be. It must have been an interesting time when the creators of McDonalds came up with the idea of a friendly clown dressed in red, yellow and white.

I guess things were a bit simpler for Dave Thomas when he named the franchise after his daughter Wendy, though I would hesitate to call her a mascot. We all know how bad or maybe good? Now what does this have to do with Jollibee in the Philippines?This is a paper written for the course ACTM (Problems in Financial Reporting) taken during Term 2, SY - at De La Salle University.

It tackles some financial reporting issues about Jollibee Foods Corporation and how it was resolved. Acronym: ATCRD Type of Organization: NGO Head of the Organization: Mimi Santos Address: P.O.

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Common Problems In Jollibee Corporation. Jollibee Foods Corporation Jollibee Foods Corporation owned by the Tan family began in as a basic ice cream parlor and subsequently expanded its menu offering in the form of sandwiches and hamburgers as a result of the increased cost of oil and the President Tony Tan Caktiong (TTC) .

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