Ansel adams photo essays

Tweet The first of the several million photographs that have been made of Old Faithful geyser were made by William Henry Jackson in Jackson's plates required a much longer exposure than would have been ideal, and in consequence the spout came out looking a little woolly. Nevertheless his pictures were very fine, and if the problem had been simply that of making a generalized document of the great periodical monument the subject could have been considered disposed of one hundred years ago. Faithful or not, however, the geyser never really repeats an earlier performance; the spout of water itself and the light and the quality of the day are always different.

Ansel adams photo essays

French humanist photographer known for his portraits, photojournalism and shots of Paris life. Ken Domon One of the most important Japanese documentary photographers of the s and 60s.

Ansel adams photo essays

Remy Duval French photographer who operated in the area between Pictorialism and Neue Sachlichkeit. George Eastman American innovator who invented roll film as a replacement for photographic plates. Harold E Edgerton American electrical engineer and photographer.


Inventor of the high-speed or stroboscope flash. Alfred Ehrhardt German Bauhaus student and landscape photographer in the style of Neue Sachlichkeit. Ed van der Elsken Celebrated Dutch lens-based artist, greatly influenced by s existentialism.

Hugo Erfurth German photographer noted for his theatre, expressive dance and portrait photography. Louis Faurer American fashion photographer also noted for his street scenes, influenced by Robert Frank and Alexey Brodovitch. Andreas Feininger French born student of the Bauhaus design school who created a series of acclaimed images of New York.

German-American cartoonist, Cubist painter and Bauhaus teacher, he was also a talented photographer. Noted for his fashion, portrait and street photography. Trude Fleishmann Austrian photographer specializing in nudes, dance photography and portraits of Viennese artists during the s.

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Cristina Garcia Rodero Spanish photographer who focuses on encapturing the customs, traditions, religious rites and festivals of her native country. Mario Giacomelli One of the best known post-war Italian art photographers, noted for her shots of people and landscapes.

Rolf Gillhausen German photojournalist, later art director at Stern magazine. Taboo-breaking American photographer, who specializes in socially marginalized groups.

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Also known for the "High Summer" pictures in his Ukadia series of photos. Milton H Greene One of the best paid fashion photographers in America, also noted for his stylish portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

Sid Grossman American cameraman, founder member of the Photo League, noted for his socially critical photography. Franz Christian Gundlach b. Raoul Hausmann Austrian co-founder of Berlin Dada and co-inventor of the photomontage with Hanna HochRaoul Hausmann also produced photograms, portraits, landscapes and nudes.


Pioneer of photographic art in post-war Germany. John Heartfield Helmut Herzfeld Founder member of Berlin Dadathe avant-garde artist John Heartfield was a pioneer in political photomontage during the s and 30s. John Herschel Experimental British scientist responsible for the cyanotype process and was the first to coin the terms "photography", "negative" and "positive".

Lucien Herve Laszlo Elkan Hungarian humanist photographer noted in particular for his interpretations of architectural design by Le Corbusier Hiro Yasuhiro Wakabayashi b. Influenced by Avedon and Brodovitch.If you don't already own a book on ANSEL ADAMS work, then this is definitely the one to get!

This amazing man's career spanned six decades, and ANSEL ADAMS PHOTOGRAPHS is an outstanding overview of the sacredness this man wanted to . An elegant book chronicles how the great landscape master — known for his black and white work — explored the possibilities of color.

From the book, Ansel Adams . - Ansel Adams On February 20, Ansel Easton Adams was born in San Francisco, California. He was the only child of Charles and Olive Adams. Ansel, originally trained as a classic pianist, would later abandon his first love, music, for photography.

Solid Wood Black Framed Ansel Adams B/W Photo Cactus Landscape Pictures Art Print. by Art Prints Inc. $ $ 49 FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Previous Page 1 2 3 19 Next Page. Show results for. Books. Photo Essays; Arts & Photography; Photography Collections & Exhibitions; Individual Photographers; Plant & Animal .

An elegant book chronicles how the great landscape master — known for his black and white work — explored the possibilities of color.

From the book, Ansel Adams in Color, published by. Today's Free Photo for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad.

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