An analysis of the maintenance of the appearances that differ from reality in to kill a mockingbird

Feeding voraciously on the leaf that protected it before it hatched, the caterpillar sheds its skin five times, growing a new and bigger exoskeleton or instar each time. On the fifth turn, it morphs into a chrysalis—a hard jade-like protective shell that virtually disappears as it slowly gives birth to another life form—the butterfly, a magical transmutation and universal symbol of hope.

An analysis of the maintenance of the appearances that differ from reality in to kill a mockingbird

However shortly afterward, the fanservice takes a back seat and the plot of Ryuko trying to find her fathers killer takes the main stage and by the end of its run was "Family", Ryuko and Satsuki team up to take down their evil mother Ragyo and simultaniously avenge the death of their father Soichiro A.

The fanservice is all but completely shoved into the background by the end of the series. Kill La Kill is meta in the sense by just that, the plot starts off in the loop of an "ecchi" series, a girl is forced to fight in a skimpy outfit, forced to fight other is skimpy outfits and the winner is stripped naked with the final blow, Kill La Kill starts off similar to your average "panty fighter" manga, where one or more females battle and suffer significant clothing damage to the point of near nakedness, Kill La Kill however retains one essential thing in Manga than most panty fighters lack, a coherent plot.

Many fanservice manga have non-essential or episodic plots that typically revolve around something than will cause a female character to be stripped nude by the end.

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Kill La Kill was a story about a girl trying to find out who killed her father, a story about her making friends, discovering family she never knew she had, a story about another girls mission to destroy her mothers regime, every character has something to them other than fanservice, by the end, the source of the main fanservice; Senketsu is his own full fledged character while his fanservice tendencies are just in the background.

From this point on, the fanservice is no longer the main key. She knows that Aikuro is making elaberate poses and showing himself off simply because he wants to while there is no point. Adding to this "anti-fanservice" is the introduction of Ragyo Kiryuin, when introduced, Ragyo is pure fanservice, her first full appearance in the series features her getting out a bath completely nude, her next involves her feeling up her daughter whom she was in the bath with, while once again, nude.

The audience reactions for the latter scene speaks for itself, no one considered this scene sexy, many considered it disturbing, as they should.

An analysis of the maintenance of the appearances that differ from reality in to kill a mockingbird

Ragyo and Satsuki are both nude in this scene but it takes a back seat to the disturbing content of this scene where Ragyo molests her daughter. This is followed up in the next episode where it opens with Ragyo, Ryuko and Nui all in a bed, completely naked, with sex implied.

The introduction of Ragyo is what I consider to be the turning point of the series, though episode three was when it was showcased that fanservice is not important, Ragyo showcased that making fanservice a main focal point is not a good thing.

This is symbolized around the same point in the series.

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Ryuko loses a battle with Nui and Senketsu is destroyed, unlike every previous fight in the series, the loser is not naked, rather Ryuko is still left in her underwear. This is the focal point of this scene, Ryuko is unable to continue, beaten and broken and Senketsu, for all purposes was essentially killed in this scene.

Fanservice was not important in this scene, a character was. People were watching this series because they wanted to see the characters succeed.

However unlike Senketsu, Junketsu, Mikisugi and Ragyo, no large attention is brought to it, not one character points out that Nonon is essentially wearing nothing on her lower body other than a pastie, nor does the character herself point it out.

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Most series simply have characters get naked for little to no rhyme or reason. Kill La Kill states there is a reason for the characters running around for their bits hanging out, and at no point expands on it.

Many fans got their wish at the start to see all female characters naked, and absolutely no attention is paid to it within the series. Ryuko is scantily clad but everyone else is clad entirely in their birthday suits. Finally, we come back to the villains.

An analysis of the maintenance of the appearances that differ from reality in to kill a mockingbird

Worthy of note is that Nui is almost never played for fanservice, the only thing vaguely fanservicey about her was the aforementioned scene with Ryuko and Ragyo and one kiss between her and Ryuko who, once again was brainwashed.But all the words I used come from Nietzsche, and they happen to have extensions in recent history: Supermen (= Ubermensch = Hitler, Lenin, Moa, Pol Pot, etc.) did try to found new civilizations shortly after Nietzsche announced the death of God, and they did kill a lot of people in the process.

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