A personal plan on how to pay for numerous luxuries

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A personal plan on how to pay for numerous luxuries

Location[ edit ] Pergamon lies on the north edge of the Caicus plain in the historic region of Mysia in the northwest of Turkey. The Caicus river breaks through the surrounding mountains and hills at this point and flows in a wide arc to the southwest.

At the foot of the mountain range to the north, between the rivers Selinus and Cetius, there is the massif of Pergamon which rises metres above sea level.

As a result, the area has a strongly inland character. In Hellenistic times, the town of Elaia at the mouth of the Caicus served as the port of Pergamon. The climate is Mediterranean with a dry period from May to August, as is common along the west coast of Asia Minor.

The massif is about one kilometre wide and around 5. It consists of a broad, elongated base and a relatively small peak - the upper city. The side facing the Cetius river is a sharp cliff, while the side facing the Selinus is a little rough.

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On the north side, the rock forms a 70 m wide spur of rock. To the southeast of this spur, which is known as the 'Garden of the Queen', the massif reaches its greatest height and breaks off suddenly immediately to the east.

The upper city extends for another m to the south, but it remains very narrow, with a width of only m. At its south end the massif falls gradually to the east and south, widening to around m and then descends to the plain towards the southwest.

At this time Pergamon was in the possession of the family of Gongyles from Eretria and Xenophon was hosted by his widow Hellas. There are few traces of the pre-Hellenistic city, since in the following period the terrain was profoundly changed and the construction of broad terraces involved the removal of almost all earlier structures.

Parts of the temple of Athenaas well as the walls and foundations of the altar in the sanctuary of Demeter go back to the fourth century. His family ruled Pergamon from until BC: The domain of Philetaerus was limited to the area surrounding the city itself, but Eumenes I was able to expand them greatly.

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In particular, after the Battle of Sardis in BC against Antiochus IEumenes was able to appropriate the area down to the coast and some way inland. The city thus became the centre of a territorial realm, but Eumenes did not take the royal title.

This final step was only taken by his successor Attalus I, after he defeated the Galatians inwhom Pergamon had paid tribute to under Eumenes I.

On the basis of a rumour that Eumenes had entered into negotiations with Perseus during the war, the Romans attempted to replace Eumenes II with the future Attalus II, but the latter refused. After this, Pergamon lost its privileged status with the Romans and was awarded no further territory by them.


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A personal plan on how to pay for numerous luxuries

Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. Pergamon (/ ˈ p ɜːr ɡ ə m ə n / or / ˈ p ɜːr ɡ ə m ɒ n /), Pergamos or Pergamum (/ ˈ p ɜːr ɡ ə m ə m /) (Ancient Greek: τὸ Πέργαμον or ἡ Πέργαμος), was a rich and powerful ancient Greek city in kaja-net.com is located 26 kilometres (16 mi) from the modern coastline of the Aegean Sea on a promontory on the north side of the river Caicus (modern-day Bakırçay.

The Babylonian Talmud, or Oral Torah (so-called) is considered by the rabbis more authoritative than the five Books of Moses or written Torah, which it makes void and of no effect (Matthew ).

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