A path to success

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A path to success

Essay - Paper Example Ambition: The play highlights a common value held by our society which is that we are responsible for our actions. Although Lady Macbeth initially provoked Macbeth, ultimately, his demise was a result of his own ambition.

By questioning his manhood and courage, Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to murder Duncan, however, it was still not justified. Finally, the play ends as Macduff murders Macbeth out of sheer rage. Lady Macbeth is depicted as a very manipulative character that convinces Macbeth to take the life of his own cousin—Duncan.

This perpetuates Macbeth to continually question his manhood. While one can understand the pressure Macbeth was under, the inevitable decision to murder Duncan was because of his decision to let influence overpower reason.

We will write a custom essay sample on Ambition: Banquo dies while Fleance manages to escape, A path to success this puts Macbeth in a worried position. Macbeth is unhappy with what he has, and wants to remain king but he fears that since the prophecies declared by the witches came true for him they will for Banquo as well.

His ambition to maintain kingship compels him to murder his closest friend, a decision which Macbeth made himself. While hiring murderers to finish off Banquo, Macbeth tells them that he was indeed their enemy.

His willingness to convince the murderers that Banquo was a potential harm characterizes Macbeth as a very manipulative character who would do anything to protect his crown.

A path to success

When Macbeth found out that Macduff was a potential threat, he sent murderers to get rid of Lady Macduff and her son. Clearly, the murderers had been sent to murder Macduff, her son and the rest of the people living in the castle.

His anger towards Macbeth drove him to commit the murder of Macbeth. The play begins with The Witches planning to meet with Macbeth and when they finally do, they reveal to him, three prophecies stating that he will get the title of Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor and shall be king hereafter.

Throughout Macbeth, the Witches are known to have supernatural powers, for example when revealing the three apparitions to Macbeth. It is possible to assume that perhaps Macbeth was not in a solid state of mind whilst committing murder after murder. The Witches could have been responsible for somehow controlling his thoughts and actions.

Without specific evidence from the text, it is hard to support this theory, and because there is not enough to suggest a possible force controlling Macbeth, it is unjustified. More evidence suggests that Macbeth was indeed making his own decisions, therefore, it was his own wrong doings that caused his descent into madness.

However, Macbeth as a person in control of his own thoughts did not have reasonable judgment and therefore was easily convinced by Lady Macbeth to murder Duncan. Due to his inability to use logic and reason, he commits a series of cruel murders, to cover up his first mistake.

This eventually leads Macduff to take it upon himself to rid Scotland of Macbeth.

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A path to success

Path to Success - 5 Life Hacks to reach abundance. ~ With Fernando Albert The Law of Attraction is great but unfinished. As with everything in life, there are ways to enhance it. Today's quirky idea may be tomorrow's must-have consumer item. At least, that's the idea that drives the company Serena Altschul has been watching in action.

Open up to new ways of thinking and you'll achieve the positive mindset critical to success.

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