10 reasons to write a journal

Share5 Shares Science is held in unique esteem in our society. When we see that an article cites an academic journal, we step back and applaud that finally, somebody is giving us the facts. We should be able to trust that these studies and papers were created by people dedicated to the pursuit of the truth. But there are a few dirty secrets behind the studies we like to trumpet as the truth.

10 reasons to write a journal

This post may contain affiliate links. Some travelers swear by a laptop or an online blog to hold their memories, but this is not always practical, or in many cases not that desirable.

10 reasons to write a journal

When I travel, I still rely on my write-anywhere notebook and pen to record the special experiences I encounter. I loved writing in it, probably wrote more than normal, and still like to grab it off my shelf today.

Because we do judge a book by its cover, even if we wrote it ourselves. Be careful to balance attractive with functional, though. In fact my favorite travel journals are spiral bound with thick, solid rings.

Weigh Your Words Do not make the mistake of writing down every single thing that happens to you. I often want to remember practical facts from everyday life, like the number of the bus or the cost of a ticket, or even the series of stops my train makes.

Instead of writing about this in long-winded prose, I make a few dot points of the salient facts and leave it at that. Whenever you sit down to write in your journal, recall the sights or events of the last days that have made the biggest impression on you.

Which special food did you eat, or how did you feel at a new museum? Try and paint a word picture describing your feelings and thoughts about your new experiences, as well as explaining the history or culture behind it.

Do make the effort to spend your first few words identifying the when and where. This might be a quick sketch to explain the bizarre arrangement of furniture in your current hotel room, or pasting in the train ticket with your name printed in the Cyrillic alphabet.

My backpack always contains a pair of scissors and a small stick of glue, useful for many things but especially intended to help augment my travel journal. Be creative about what the extra bits might be. When I traveled across Russia I bought the most delicious bag of wrapped candies in Irkutsk.

I stuck one of these colorful candy wrappers into my journal and I can still taste them when I open to that page. While this might sound like an incredibly anally retentive thing to do, it works.

Every time I get a new notebook to use as a travel diary always an exciting momentI sit down with a pen and number every page in the bottom corner. When the journal is full, I take a half hour to write an index that lists the main destinations of my trip and which page I can find them on.

Later, when you want to re-read your journal, it will most often be because you want to check on the name of a museum you visited, or to find out the name of that friend you made in Beijing.“There is no scientific evidence whatsoever of any miracles ever actually occurring.” “The Jesus story just is an accumulation of myths of legendary people, all rolled into one über nice guy.” “Science and faith are incompatible ways of thinking.

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I don’t think you should chase audiences in writing. It’s like chasing the tide. Find your honest voice, tone, and writing by writing to yourself.

Faith and Reason

5. Inspiration. Keep a journal, watching your writing grow, seeing progress, understanding the changes in your writing, are all part of inspiring yourself to write.

Writing can be a little bit like a drug. to document travel or an event Whether a journal is the culmination of a globe-trotting trip to save the world, or a place to store the ramblings of the day, creating a uniquely personal journal .

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